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Music at Lutheran High School of Hawaii provides an opportunity for every student to get involved whether it be for extra-curricular enjoyment or for class credit.

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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation is a one-semester course available for students who do not wish to join a performance based musical ensemble or students who wish to learn more about music theory and history.  Music appreciation students study music theory and the evolution of Western music and learn to appreciate music of many cultures.

Concert Band

Concert Band is a performance-based music learning class for students who wish to continue development in instrumental music.  A wide range of band literature will be studied, along with elements of music theory and music appreciation. One year prior experience and the ability to read music are required for enrollment.  Students with abilities on standard band instruments and piano are encouraged to enroll. 

String Ensemble

String Ensemble students refine their skills through instruction, playing, and ear training, and are also exposed to a wide range of musical genres. String ensemble meets every Wednesday after school and participants should have one year prior experience on Violin, Viola, Cello, or String Bass.  Performances include various school events including the Christmas program, May Day event, and the spring concert.

Choir--Hau’oli Mele (Joyful Sounds)

Hau’oli Mele is a choral learning and performance-based music class for students who are interested in singing or learning to sing.  Choir students learn basic music theory, music appreciation, Solfege, and harmonization.  A wide range of choral literature is learned and performed.  No previous experience is required, but students are audition tested for vocal range and pitch matching abilities. 

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