Social Studies Department

The mission of the Social Studies Department of Lutheran High School of Hawaii is to ensure that students become life-long independent and collaborative learners who can make informed, reasoned decisions and take action for the public good as a Christian citizen in a diverse, democratic society and in a dynamic global community.  Students will gain a broad perspective and deep appreciation of the different cultures, governments and societies of the world.

The department offers Hawaiian Studies and American History (Junior High), European History (9th grade), World History (10th grade), U.S. History (11th grade), American Government (12th grade) and several electives:  Life Skills, Principles of Economics, Psychology, Twentieth Century History.

Students can choose to participate in History Day where they research a topic of their choice, develop research skills (uncovering primary sources, building historical context and forming historical interpretations) and become experts on their research topic presenting their research to teachers, students, and historians.

Students enrolled in classes at Lutheran High School of Hawaii are required to develop their reading and thinking abilities through a Summer Reading Program.  The novels currently used are All Quiet on the Western Front (European History), Things Fall Apart (World History), Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (U.S. History).

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