Special Events


Drama events currently include plans for the Christmas program and a Spring production. The Actors' Trunk Players and/or the Speech and Drama classes usually provide the core for actors or crews. Past productions include "The Great Train Robbery," "The Rivals," "The Lost Elevator," "The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood," "Riders to the Sea," and "Mayhem in Mayville."

Spirit Weeks and Homecoming

Spirit Weeks are usually held in the fall and in connection with Homecoming. Student Congress and cheerleaders co-sponsor Spirit Weeks which include special activities and events meant to promote school and class spirit. Fall Activity is held at the end of the first Spirit Week. The second Spirit Week usually includes a pep rally and homecoming basketball game.

Junior-Senior Promenade

The Junior Class traditionally sponsors a formal promenade for the Seniors and their guests. This special event takes place at one of Hawaii's famous hotels or in one of Honolulu's private clubs. A weekend in the spring is usually reserved for this occasion. Only Juniors and Seniors may purchase bids.

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