Mission & Goals

Educating for Life - Promoting the Faith!

Lutheran High School of Hawaii provides a quality Christian education for life by meeting the spiritual, academic, physical, aesthetic, social, and emotional needs of its students.

  • Spiritual - To give students the opportunity to learn of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and ensure a setting where the Holy Spirit can strengthen the faith of those who already believe in Him.

  • Academic - To provide a college-preparatory education as well as support for vocational competence, promote critical thinking, effective communication, and independent work while appreciating the wisdom and order of God's creation.

  • Physical - To help students recognize that the human body is a gift of God, and that they have a God-given responsibility to develop and maintain good mental, physical, and emotional health.

  • Aesthetic - To foster a lively and continuing interest in the fine arts and other cultural aspects of life as reflections of  the infinite beauty of God.

  • Social - To offer students a Christian setting that encourages wholesome social relationships, as well as the development of values, attitudes, and social skills that are characteristic of people who have respect for authority and who are considerate of the feelings and rights of others.

  • Emotional - To encourage self-respect and the development of a healthy self-image based on God's love and forgiveness.
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